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Callibration Services

DES is offering fully traceable calibration services using standard calibration methods from reputed organizations.

  • Lab Scales, Weighing Scales, Weighing Hooper & Weighing Bridges Calibration.
  • Heavy Vessels & tank Calibration along Dip Charts.
  • All sort of lab’s & Industrial glasses wares.
  • Measuring Tools Like , Vernier Caliper ,Micrometers, Height Gauges, Pressure Gauge & temperature Gauging instruments.
  • Lab’s Balance’s, Commercial Scales & Weighing Bridge Calibration & annual Contract of Weighing Scale.
  • Quality Control equipments like pH meter , TDS meter , Viscometer , Refractometer , Conductivity Coating thickness meter , ultrasonic thickness meter etc.
  • Furnaces Oven’sincubator’s, Chiller,cold storage(s).

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Other Services

  • Here at DES Laboratory, We are providing the best testing services at higher quality standardization using best equipment...

  • We are providing many inspection services. Our Team is Well Qualified and Certified trained to doe inspection just for you...

  • We are providing high quality of equipment used in high tech laoratory. We have quality assued equipment for your industry...

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