Install any free SSl Certificate in your Hosting or Domain:

Install any free SSl Certificate in your Hosting or Domain:

SSL is an abbreviation of Secure Security Layer. Itis a certificate which makes a website secure that prevents criminals from reading and changing any information that transferred between two systems, including potential personal details and data of website.

SSL certificates are those certificates that enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which makes site more secure. An SSL certificate is a data file hosted in a website’s origin server. SSL certificates make encryption possible, and they contain the website’s public key and the website’s identity, along with related information.

This blog is mainly about that how to get free SSL certificate method that involves the following steps,

  • First you have to go for the site which install free SSL for your site one of those sites is GoGetSSL you can search this site on Google and install free SSL for your any site.
  • After going to the site you can click to the try free SSl and skip the step by default as you install the free SSl and go to the next step.
  • IF you want to extend the time period of expiring the SSl Then you have to buy the SSL.
  • If you have already create an account you have to just login otherwise make a new account and login to the site.
  • After login, Dashboard is opened and you have to go to the side bar category of SSL Certificate and click then you have to go to the view button of free 3 months trial and click on generate certificate to start the procedure.
  • You have an option of paste your CSR which is certificate signing request and click on it then CSR generation form displays and you have to fill it to generate your CSR then click on generate CSR and Your CSR will be generated and displayed.
  • Copy your CSR and paste it to the option of CSR. And click on validate CSR.
  • After validate it validation method page will be opened and then choose https and click on the next step and one more form will be opened fill it and then click on complete generation. Your SSl certificate will be generated successfully. Download your SSl Certificate.

Apply to your hosting and domain:

Go to the hosting server of cPanel login.

  • Then go the CPanel security and click on the SSL/TSL
  • Go to the CPanel main and click on the file manager and open it in the new window tab.
  • Go to site file name and click on it click on the well-known file name and delete the file and make the directory empty. Then click the upload file on the top and upload the file.
  • Then upload the downloaded file of SSL here,
  • Then again go to the gogetSSL site and click on the revalidate SSL.
  • Then click on side bar ssl certificate and view the SSL.
  • Then go to all files and click on it the files will already started downloading.
  • Then go to the CPanel SSL/TSL tab and click on the Manage SSL sites.
  • Then choose the domain name of your site,
  • Then paste the certificate file after extracted into the Certificate option.
  • Then copy the private key from the SSL Site below the CSR and paste it in the private key option.
  • Then copy the certificate authority bundle file’s data and paste it to the option. Then install the certificate.
  • Then check your SSL certificate in a SSL certificate Checker site.
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